Past Exhibitions



Inaugural Peterborough Art Prize Exhibition at the Town Hall 18 March until 28 March including Easter Weekend


Peterborough Art Prize Exhibition at the Town Hall 3 April to 12 April including Easter Weekend EXHIBITIONS 2006 Peterborough Art Prize Exhibition 8 April to 17 April 2006 including Easter Weekend at the Town Hall The 125 Years of Rail Exhibition was held at the Regional Art Centre and Gallery from 9 June to 16 June 2006. <> A travelling exhibition of photographs, depicting life in South Australia in the The Fifties, was presented by Country Arts SA at the Regional Art Centre from 1 Spetember to 21 September 2006 This Exhibition was sponsored by The National Trust and Country Arts SA. It was a great success with 300 locals enjoying and reminiscing about days gone by. Wednesday 21 October Ceramics and Paint Exhibition opened daily 9am – 3pm until 31 October. This was an Exhibition of work presented by Peterborough Ceramics Groups and Peterborough Art Groups

Wogs at work

A photographic exhibition of Peterborough after World War 2 Friday 10 November opened by John Mannion, Historian and Curator. Exhibition ran until Sunday 26 November 2006. Arty Chrissy Party and Exhibition Friday 1 December until Saturday 16 December 2006 at the Town Hall


Peterborough Art Prize Exhibition 2007 30 March to 9 April 2007 including Easter Weekend at the Town Hall

Another Bloomin Exhibition

We presented an exhibition of floral paintings and photographs by local and regional artists from Wednesday 23 May 2007 at 6pm and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays from 10am until 3pm or by appointment. Picture This Hanging Workshop and Exhibition The Peterborough Regional Art Centre, in conjuction with Uniting Care Wesley, Port Pirie, presented this Community Education Project Both the Workshop or Official Opening took place on Wednesday 27th June 2007 at the Peterborough Regional Art Centre. The Workshop This workshop was presented by Kirstie Jamieson, Director of Port Pirie Art Gallery. Kirstie demonstrated how to handle works of art, from unpacking to the final hanging, all to National Gallery standards. The workshop took place from 11am to 2pm. The Exhibition This took place on the same day, 27th June 2007. Kirsty Jamieson officially opened the Exhibition at 6pm. Deb Nelson will give a talk on “Picture This” Uniting Care Wesley Project. Joan McDonald will speak on behalf of the artists who participated in this project. The exhibition ran until 26 July 2007 The Four Seasons Exhibition. A collection of paintings and photographs by local and regional artists depicting the seasons. Opening night was 3 August 2007. Exhibition closed 16 September 2007 The Bunyips Exhibition The Bunyips Exhibition was produced by the National Library of Australia and sponsored on a tour circuit of country venues by Country Arts SA. The exhibition came in the form of 22 display panels. It depicts the history of the Bunyip folklore since when Europeans settled in the antipodes The Bunyips Exhibition was displayed from 13 December 2007 to end of January 2008


Peterborough Art Prize Exhibition 2008 14 March 2008 until 24 March including Easter Weekend at the Town Hall


Peterborough Art Prize Exhibition 2009 4 April until 13 April including Easter Weekend at the Town Hall


Peterborough Art Prize Exhibition 2010 26 March to 5 April including Easter Weekend at the Town Hall SALA Exhibition 6th August to 14th August An exhibition by local artists. Heather Parker, Judith Kempen, Bud Stephenson, Julianne Olsen, Ken Pickard and Carol Baloch


Peterborough Art Prize Exhibition 2011 16th April to 25th April The Lost Tools of Henry Hoke by Country Arts SA A humourists look at backyard sheds 28 October to 27 November 2011


Peterborough Art Prize Exhibition

30th March to 9th April 2012

Peterborough Art Prize
22nd March to 1st April
Official Opening was by Jack Absalom.

Peterborough Art Prize
11th April to 21st April
Official Opening was by Chris Woodman.

Peterborough Art Prize
28th March to 6th April at The Town Hall
Official Opening was by Liz Ingman Jones