Friends of the Gallery

Friends of the Gallery

We are seeking people to support our gallery.
This can be done by getting involved as a Friend of the Gallery.

The benefits of becoming a Friend of the Gallery are:

Art Prize Exhibition Opening
Workshop Newsletters.
Art and Craft Group discount
Discounts on Workshops where applicable

For more information contact details at the bottom.
Membership Application
Please circle appropriate membership:

Single Annual Membership $15.00
Family Membership $30
Corporations / Business $50.00
Concession $ 10.00
Please print this page, fill in the details requested, enclose a cheque or money order,
and post to:Peterborough Art Prize Committee Inc, P.O. Box 182, Peterborough 5422 or
call into the Peterborough Regional Art Centre and Gallery, Main Street, Peterborough.
Please make cheques payable to Peterborough Art Prize Committee Inc.


Postal Address———————————————————————-



Mobile ————————————–

Amount Enclosed $————————

30th June – 30th June