The Peterborough Craft Group - formally - The Peterborough Knitting and Crocheting Group was formed in August 2017. We started with around 5 people and now have around 40 members. Not everyone comes at the same time but a lovely mix and an average of around 18. We meet at the Peterborough Regional Art Centre (on the Corner of Main St and Cotton Road)  every Tuesday from 6-9pm.  We have a Facebook page as well and people from outside the town actually get involved  as well.

The age of members ranges from 9 to 84 at the moment.  It is a fun evening with a lot of chatter and laughter, as well as crafting.  Our Mayor, Ruth Whittle has nicknamed us the 'Nitters & Natters' group as she pops in from time to time to say hi and have a cuppa. Topics are quite varied depending on the group mostly.  There is a regular group that attends regardless of the weather.

The group has turned into a fantastic social outlet for many of those who would be at home alone in the evenings.  A birthday club has been formed which is a delight to those who attend.  Everyone who can, or who remembers, brings along a bit of supper and a delightful evening is enjoyed by all.

We come up with projects and members can be involved if they want to - it isn't compulsory.  All a bit of fun really and keeps people interested.

We encourage travellers to come and have a cuppa and chat and do a bit of craft if they wish.  A lovely break from the road and the van.  Since the group started we have had a couple of tourists come in for the few hours and left quite exhilarated either by meeting new people or finding out a bit more of the area and its history.

So if you are in Peterborough - come and say "hi" on a Tuesday.  More than welcome.

All enquiries phone:    Janet on 0411 151 750   or  Moira on 0447 140 542


Handcraft Fair

At the same time as the Peterborough Art Prize , the group hold a 'Handcraft Fair' at the Regional Art Centre and it has been quite a hit! A BBQ and various options for lunches on different days; displays from residents who sadly have passed on; demonstrations and stall holders of all handcrafted items.  A great eight days!  That great, that we are holding another in 2022 from the 9th April  - 18th April. 

If you are interested in being involved either with a stall of your own handmade crafts or like to help out please call
    Moira on 0447 140 542 to discuss.