Peterborough Craft Group


The Peterborough Craft Group - was formed in August 2017. We started with around 5 people and now have around 25 members. Not everyone comes at the same time but a lovely mix of people.

We meet at the Peterborough Regional Art Centre (on the Corner of Main St and Cotton Road)  every Wednesday from 10am till 1pm. We have a Facebook page as well and people from outside the town get involved  as well.

It is a fun morning with a lot of chatter and laughter, as well as crafting.  Our Mayor, Ruth Whittle has nicknamed us the 'Nitters & Natters' group as she pops in from time to time to say hi and have a cuppa. Topics are quite varied depending on the group mostly.  There is a regular group that attends regardless of the weather.

The group has turned into a fantastic social outlet for many of those who would be at home alone.   

We come up with projects and members can be involved if they want to - it isn't compulsory.  All a bit of fun really and keeps people interested.

We encourage travellers to come and have a cuppa and chat and do a bit of craft if they wish.  A lovely break from the road and the van.  Since the group started we have had  tourists come in for the few hours and left quite exhilarated either by meeting new people or finding out a bit more of the area and its history.

So if you are in Peterborough - come and say "hi" on a Wednesday.

All enquiries phone:        Janet on 0411 151 750           or     Moira on 0447 140 542


Handcraft Fair                                                                                                              The next Handcraft Fair will be held in 2025.

Contact:  Moira on 0447 140 542  for further information