Past Workshops

Roland John Weight(Oil Workshop) April 2005

This workshop was held at Lake Hall and 15 artists attended and learned new techniques from Roland’s loose painting style.

Gerald Moore(Pastel Workshop) September 2005

This workshop was the first one to be held at the Peterborough Regional Art Centre. A group of 16 artists attended from the district and as far away as Adelaide.

Heather Parker(Mixed Media Workshop)December 2005

The workshop was attended by 11 artists who enjoyed the challenge of trying different mediums and techniques. Holiday Workshops for Kids.

January 2006

A total of 12 workshops for school children were held during.
The activities included: Cardmaking, Macramé, Painting, Poster Making, Kite Making and Kite Flying, Quilling and Folk Art.
These workshops were conducted by Heather Parker, Judith Kempen, Helen Davies, Willie Kempen, Des Parker, Todd Jenkins, Julianne Murphy and Bridget Jenkins.

Graham W Smith (Watercolour Workshop) February 2006

This two day workshop was attended by 12 local and intrastate artists. They enjoyed a very informative and productive weekend.

Uniting Care Wesley (hosted a Mosaic Workshop) March 2006

Oover a period of 3 weeks a mosaic workshop was held with the help of a professional tutor. In that time the 10 participants created a permanent mosaic work depicting a waterfall, on a feature wall within the grounds of the Peterborough Regional Art Centre.

Youth Sector Network(Painting Workshop). April 2006

Heather Parker conducted this workshop and it was enjoyed by all who attended.

Roland John Weight(Collage Workshop). May 2006

This workshop was a huge success and the 13 people who attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves cutting and pasting.

Creative Volunteering Workshops May 2006

Over two days, in conjunction with Regional Arts Australia. The topics covered were Plan and Program Events and Undertaking Marketing. There were 9 attendees who gained valuable insight into these fields.

Tricia Hooper presented Crafty Kids Demonstration in June 2006
There were 8 participants from both the art and craft groups

Julianne Pulford presented a one day drawing workshop on Tuesday 3 October 2006. There were 15 participants.

Julianne Murphy presented a Quilling Workshop on 22 January 2007.
There 7 participants.

Judith Kempen conducted a Poster Workshop on 24 January 2007.
There were 5 participants.

Jan Pana presented an Acrylic Workshop for Uniting Care Wesley “Picture This” project on 30 January 2007. There were 11 participants.

LIFE DRAWING: Presented by Joan Faith McDonald of Laura Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th March 2007
Nine participants attended. The first Day was a Practical Workshop and the second day a Live Model was present. All artists exclaimed that the Life Drawing added a new dimension to their art.

A WEEK OF ART INDULGENCE 30 April to 6 May 2007: The week of Art Indulgence was presented by Judith and Willie Kempen and enjoyed as we went into the Outback of the Flinders Ranges to paint or sketch. The venue was Warraweena Station Conservation Park, which lies 26km east of the historic town of Beltana.

Warraweena Homestead

Warraweena Homestead

Seven local and regional artists attended and they were assisted by two artist spouses, who took them to vantage points in Four Wheel Drive vehicles. Every evening a Show and Tell was held whereby the days works were presented to all. Around 40 paintings were done over the week long event. The group stayed at the refurbished Warraweena Homestead which is perched on a hill with Sliding Rock Creek below. We experienced absolute perfect weather and most nights were spent sitting around the campfire talking art. Homestead. Warraweena Station Conservation Park.

PICTURE THIS 27th June 2007: This workshop was presented by Kirstie Jamieson, Director of the Port Pirie Gallery. Kirstie demonstrated how to handle works of art, from unpacking to the final hanging, all to National Gallery standards. The workshop took place from 11am until 2pm on .

PRINT WORKSHOP 28 and 29 July 2007 from 10am to 4pm each day: Tricie Hall of Peterborough conducted a 2 day print workshop on .

MASKAPADES with Annie Luur Fox. Mask making at its best. All participants had a wonderful time being creative. Masks made:- The Peterborough Rockwood Ram Community Mask


The Rockwood Ram Went to do his duty, Fell in the creek and broke his neck. The ewe’s had thought him a beauty. Joan Faith McDonald

The legend grew about his fame The lamb’s were proud to bear his name. The loss of such a famous ram Was mourned by every breeding dam. Joan Faith McDonald

Chorus: The Sheep fell in the creek Tho’ it wasn’t very deep He died without a bleat! Heather Parker

Percy Rockwood was a lamb Who grew to be a big fat ram Across the fields he sewed his oat’s To the dismay of all the goats! Willem Kempen

When his time was up and the end grew near The Borough residents shed a tear. Percy thought he was bright as a button In the end he was 20 kilos of mutton. Willem Kempen

Chorus as above For 20 years the skull was used To prop up and level a trough Moulds and moss grew on it The dirt and grime blew on it UNTIL NOW!!!! Craig Ferguson

This tribute to the Rockwood Ram Is such a worthy task! We kept his horns and other things To make this lovely mask. Joan Faith McDonald

Composed on Wednesday 22 August 2007 at the Peterborough Regional Art Centre during the Maskapades Workshop conducted by Anni Luur Fox

BOTANICAL DRAWING by Erica Stoner. October 2007 MOSAIC WORKSHOP October 2007 This workshop and project was sponsored by Country Arts SA. 64 square concrete tiles were filled with mosaic bits to encompass a billabong within the confines of the old Kindy sandpit. It took 6 learner mosaic artists 26 working days to complete the project. Michael Tye, well known South Australian Mosaic Artist, conducted the workshop at the Regional Art Centre from 12 October to 15 October 2007. He passed his expertise on to the willing learners, who took great pride in completing the project.

SAND PAINTING WORKSHOP: A concept by Willie Kempen and funded through the Community Art Painting of 2007, this small workshop was held in January 2008. The design was the work of student Ian Oates Jnr, then of St Josephs School. Work on the project was conducted by Barry Newton, Ian Oates Jnr and Christian Oates, under the supervision of Willie Kempen. We used garden Scoria as a medium and a variety of Oxides and paint in powder-form for the first part of the project. It is all experimentation on our behalf and a lot of fun doing it. We hope to add on to the painting at a later stage. A WEEK AT WARRAWEENA: This workshop was a follow on from the 2007 event and included seven days of art inspiration, situated in the beautiful Flinders Ranges, at Warraweena Station Conservation Park. A huge variety of subjects to paint including trees, hills, gorges, waterholes, historic buildings and mine relics from yesteryear. MAKE A BAG. Margaret Ball showed us how to make a most attractive and practical bag from recycled fabrics. A work sheet was provided to all participants in advance. ACRYLIC AND OIL PAINTING with Roland Weight. Once again Roland showed us ways to improve our art with very precise and caring tutoring. ‘BEAT YOUR OWN DRUM’ with Jayne Bishop provided an insight into West African Music. These workshops were suitable for all ages and genders. The workshops were run over a 5 week period. The drums were be made on the final weekend workshop on the 6th & 7th September and a good variety of drums were made by the enthusiastic drummers. We all learned a new craft. ART AT THE HEART National Regional Art Conference in Alice Springs October 2008. Judith attended this conference as a Delegate for Country Arts SA Hints and tips for better photography by Barbara Parry. On Friday 21 November 2008 Barbara Parry gave a photographic presentation on how to improve your photography. An enthusiastic group of photographers attended and ejoyed the presentation very much. The outcome of this workshop is that the possibility of the formation of a Camera Group is imminent and prospective Members will be contacted in the near future Tea and biscuits were served after the event. PAINTING IN THE GARDEN: Ten artists joined for a day of Painting in the Garden at Dragon’s Rest Garden, Watkins Road, Peterborough 0n 24 January 2009 Our thanks to Barbara and Brian Parry for providing the wonderful venue in which the artists could find a host of subject matter PAPERMAKING Margaret Ball held a Papermaking Workshop over the weekend of 3rd and 4th July 2010. Margaret and Kevin provided the screens, pulp and materials and with Margaret’s tuition all participants created their own beautiful sheets of paper.